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World Economic Roundtable

Remapping the Post-Bubble World Economy

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The Mediterranean Rim in Turmoil

Ken Courtis describes the enormous challenges ahead for the periphery countries of Europe as they face increasing social, political, and economic problems.

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Overconfidence and the Financial Crisis

5 years after the fall of Lehman, Peter Atwater looks at the role of "saturating overconfidence" across the economy in creating unstable financial hazards.

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Fixing The Imbalanced World Economy

In a follow-up to his paper, Jay Pelosky writes that America can jump-start the global process of rebalancing through investment in the growth story at home.


Archived Blog Posts

Friday, February 21, 2014
by Jay PeloskyStock and bond market volatility combined with data disappointments have brought the 2014 global growth recovery story to a fork in the road. Either growth delivers or policy reversals will be required. For investors and policy makers alike the bar has been raised.Read the whole op-ed...
Tuesday, October 1, 2013
by Peter W. AtwaterThe “wealth effect” concept is remarkably simple: spending increases (decreases) as perceived wealth increases (decreases). When people perceive themselves to be richer, they spend more.With the prices of stocks and bonds near all-time highs and home prices on the rebound,...
Friday, September 13, 2013
by Peter W. Atwater It has been five years since the failure of Lehman Brothers and the beginning of the global financial crisis. Over this time, dozens of books have been written, thick Congressional reports have been issued, and even full-length documentaries have been filmed – all seeking to...
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The World Economic Roundtable seeks to “remap” the world economy by exploring the changing patterns of global trade, investment, and employment following the Great Recession. The Roundtable brings together leaders from business, finance, public policy, and academia in regular meetings to discuss critical questions affecting the global economy. Its work includes monthly Roundtables in New York, detailed white papers on world economy policy, and special events with DC policy-makers and Wall Street practitioners.

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